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How to Make Your Cat Birdsafe

Are you a cat person, but you actually like other animals too?
This is how you can save birds, mice, lizards, and other animals while having a cat.

Black cat wearing a Birdsbesafe® rainbow colored collar
Merlin wearing his Birdsbesafe® collar cover

Domestic cats, as cunning hunters, prey on millions of wild animals every year, including many birds. Cats wearing the Birdsbesafe® collar catch significantly fewer birds.

A study even found that cats catch about 87% fewer birds when wearing the multi-colored collar cover.
Why is it so effective, you may ask. It is because birds can see bright colors especially well. The colorful collar covers make birds see your cat right away and so they get a better chance to fly away.

Merlin is a very skilled hunter. Before he had his Birdsbesafe collar cover, he used to bring home one or even more animals every day. Usually lizards, birds, and mice. They were often still alive. So we then tried to distract Merlin, catch the perplexed animal and bring it somewhere safe.

Since Merlin is wearing his rainbow collar cover, he rarely brings home any animals anymore. 
It is highly effective and we are very happy about it. 

The collar cover slips right over his regular collar and it does not seem to bother him at all. We made a ritual out of it.
So every time he wants to go out, we put on his collar, give him a nose kiss, and then let him run off into the wild (garden). 😉

You can get the Birdsbesafe collar covers here*:

*I am not an affiliate, I just really find their invention amazing and I love saving animals.